Ranking Information

Class 1A & 2A Girls and Class 1A, 2A, & 3A Boys:

Please Download the Ranking Spreadsheet found in the THIRD article on this page. Thanks

April 17

May 1

May 8

Final Report date: May 15 (After 1st Postseason Round!)

All rankings include the regular season and first round of the post season!

Class 3A & 4A Girls' will be gathered weekly from the new reporting system.
These two classes will NOT need to submit weekly, we will gather the data through the Google Master Sheet!

If you haven't been sent a Google Sheet for Class 3A or 4A girls', please contact the following:
Class 3A Girls': Scott Enyart
Class 4A Girls': RJ Voss


We will rank all individuals and all teams in each class that meet our team/individual standard. We will post these rankings on the web site but will only send in the top 10 individuals and top 10 teams to the media.

Remember: 18-hole rounds are broken into two 9-hole rounds and the course rating is divided in half for each 9 hole score.

BOYS CLASS 1A ranking information will be sent to Dennis Dirks (

BOYS CLASS 2A ranking information will be sent to  Jason Loots (

BOYS CLASS 3A rankings information will be sent to Bob Fessler (

BOYS CLASS 4A ranking information will use the IAHSGCA rankings spreadsheet. If you don't have the link contact Paul Niedermeyer ( 

GIRLS CLASS 1A ranking information will be sent to Stacy Simpson (

GIRLS CLASS 2A ranking information will be sent to Mike Linde (

GIRLS CLASS 3A ranking information will be sent to Scott Enyart (

GIRLS CLASS 4A ranking information will be sent to RJ Voss ( 


Download your Ranking Spreadsheet here:
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Excel Ranking Spreadsheets

Please do not use all CAPS.

Please use 9, 10, 11, 12 for the grades.

Please type names First Name, then Last Name.

Split 18 hole meets into two nine hole rounds.

Use the suggested course rating if it is available through the golf course or the Iowa Golf Association.  Otherwise use one stroke less than par. 

It is strongly encouraged that coaches agree on the course rating before play begins.

The Iowa High School Golf Coaches Association would like to create and publicize high school golf ratings of high school golfers.  These rankings are an attempt to create excitement and give exposure to our high school golfers.  This is the system we will use for the 2011 spring and fall seasons.

1. Each coach is responsible for computing the scoring average of their individuals and teams and reporting any that qualify as enumerated below. 
Coaches are required to attach the 2012 ranking spreadsheet to the email or fax.  Coaches will only be responsible for entering scores into a spreadsheet; the formulas in the cells will calculate the adjusted average.  Note:  This is not a hard process to follow. Coaches are responsible for entering correct scores in the spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet will be checked when receiving scores.

a. An individual's score for rating purposes will be based on the USGA/IGA course rating of the course played and the score actually shot. Compare the course rating of the course you played to 36 and find the difference. We will base all scores from a standard score of 36 and golfers will have an adjusted score for only nine holes.  If the course rating is more than 36, subtract 36 from the course rating and subtract this difference from the individual's score. If the course rating is less than 36 (this will be the case in most instances) subtract the course rating from 36 and add the difference to the individual's score.(EXAMPLE: Playing a 9-hole match the golfer shoots 37. The course rating is 34.6. The difference between 34.6 and 36 is 1.4. Since the course rating is less than 36, 1.4 would be added to 37 and the score to consider for rating purposes will be 38.4)

b. If you play a 9-hole meet on an 18-hole course, the course rating will probably be for 18-holes.  For the 9-hole meet, divide the (18-hole) course rating by 2 for the 9-hole course rating.  If you play an 18-hole event, use the 18-hole course rating; this will now count for 2 meets. 
{Example: A player shoots a 37 in a 9-hole event on an 18-hole course (par 72).  The course rating is 69.9.  The calculated 9-hole rating is 34.95.  The score to consider for rating purposes will be 38.05. (36 - 34.95 = 1.05 + 37 = 38.05)}
{Example: A player shoots 74 in an 18-hole meet (par 72).  The course rating is 69.9.  The calculated score is 76.1, but it counts as 2 scores of 38.05 (76.1/2)

c. If you play on a course that is not rated, then use 1 stroke less than par for your course rating.  This is called the Standard level of difficulty. [Example:  You play a 9-hole meet on a par 36, but in not rated.  The player shoots a 40.  Therefore, the adjusted average will be (36-35) + 40 = 41].

d. We will base the rating on 9-hole scores. If you play 18-hole matches, put them down as two scores. If you play another number such as 12 holes, count the first 9 holes of play and drop the last three; after you have played three 12-hole matches you would have another 9 holes of play that you could figure in. If you play match play and have golfers who you feel could be in the rating, they will need to hole everything out and keep a medal score.

e. If you play on a course that is not par 36, Strokes will be added or subtracted to your adjusted scores.  (Example:  You play a meet on a par 35, and the course rating is 33.5.  You will add 1.5 (because 35 – 33.5), you will also add 1, because par is (36-35).  Therefore, a player shooting 40 will add; 40 + 1.5 + 1.0 = 42.5 for an adjusted score.

2. We will rate the top 10 individuals and the top 10 teams in Class 1A, 2A, 3A, boys and girls, and 4A girls. Variations to these will be made by newspapers or if not enough scores are turned in.

3.  Any modifications to a course after par has been established and the course has been rated need to be brought to the attention of the ranking committee before your golfer(s), or team are ranked.  Failure to do this could result in forfeiture of ranking.  (Example: Loss of a hole or green due to natural or un-natural causes.  Unplayable holes or modified holes.)

4. We will set a minimum standard for girls, boys, and teams. If you have an individual or a team that meets or exceeds this standard you will report this individual or team. The standard for girls will be 55.0 and the standard for boys will be 43.0. Players must be in varsity competition to be ranked.  Players must play in at least six 9 hole meets.  Each team can rank a maximum of 6 players.  The standard scores for teams changed to 195 for boys and 250 for girls.

5.  Coaches are reminded to use ethical decision-making when ranking a golfer.  If you feel a golfer disqualifies themselves to avoid dropping in the rankings, use ethical judgment.  We can rank disqualification.  If you have a player that was DQ-ed, you need to explain this when reporting your rankings.  DQ’s may be corrected for sake of reporting, but will still be DQ-ed in competition.  You can report a DQ, if officials correct.  Remember, coaches are responsible for ranking their golfers.

Overall consideration – do the tournament officials feel that the situation was one in which there was no intention or managed purpose (DQ) or was there intent or a deliberate decision by the player (WD or NC)?

All final decisions rests with tournament officials

  1. Golfers must golf a minimum of two-thirds of your meets on Varsity to be ranked at the end of the season.
  2. Golfers must be on the varsity roster to be ranked (Only six individual per team could qualify to be ranked).
  3. Coaches must fill in and attached the 2010 ranking spreadsheet to their email or fax.
  4. Coaches must send in their rankings by the deadline for each due date.
  5. In order for golfers to receive post-season awards, coaches must send in their golfers rankings on the final due date for rankings.
  6. The school or coach must be a member of the Iowa High School Golf Coaches Association for their golfer to receive post-season awards.
  1. The standards for teams will be a calculated adjusted average of 195 for boys and 250 for girls. This is based on your low 4 individuals. (Whether you count more or fewer scores than this in your meets is immaterial. We will use 4 for our ratings). We also have had a hard time getting ten teams in some of the categories. So if your team score is close, get it turned in.
    {Example—your team plays a 9-hole dual meet at a course in which the course rating is a 33.2 on a par 36.
    Player 1 shoots a 35 Calculated score is 35 + 2.8 = 37.8
    Player 2 shoots a 38 Calculated score is 38 + 2.8 = 40.8
    Player 4 shoots a 41 Calculated score is 41 + 2.8 = 43.8
    Player 5 shoots a 41 Doesn’t count
    Player 3 shoots a 39 Calculated score is 39 + 2.8 = 41.8
    Calculated Team total is          164.2}
  2. All coaches are strongly encouraged to "play the ball down" (Don't use winter rules) in matches and tournaments. This may be hard early in the season, but get rid of the winter rules as soon possible if you must use them
  3. We will rank all individuals and all teams that make our standard score.  We will release the top ten to statewide major media. Variations to these may be made by newspapers.  Coaches are responsible to release rankings to your local media.  Hopefully coaches will use the rankings as an opportunity to recognize our great golfers across the state.