Ranking Information

Coaches...please read all of the instructions listed below:

Dates that Rankings will be posted on the Website this Fall for the 4A Boys:

1st Posting - September 10th

2nd Posting - September 24th

Final Posting - After Districts...before State - October 7th

This Season all Association Member Teams will be sent a Google Sheet (IAHSGCA Rankings Sheet) for Coaches to enter their Schedule and Meet Results. Coaches...these will be used for the purposes of our Team and Individual Rankings and are in addition to Varsity will have to do both! Please read each of the points below as it pertains to your Google Sheet (IAHSGCA Rankings Sheet):

(1) Please...please...please use the drop down menu for the course and tees on the Set-up page. Do NOT...repeat Do NOT simply type a course in if it doesn't show up on the list. If you get a Error or Invalid Message....that means it does NOT recognize the course you have entered and your adjusted average will be messed up for that meet / match / event.

(2) If you need to have your Roster adjusted / edited  during the need to do that through Varsity Bound...which used to be Quik Stats.

(3) If you need courses / tees added throughout the season...send me an email to Paul Niedermeyer at or and I will get it added to our database. 

(4) These IAHSGCA Rankings sheets are for the purpose of Team & Individual rankings throughout the season and will help to determine our Player of the Year, All-State, etc. at the end of the Season. They are in addition to Varsity you have to do BOTH....these Rankings Sheets and Varsity Bound for each meet / match.

(5) We are only going to Rank our Member school that is not currently a member they can download a form from the website and send in the application and check today. If you are not sure if you are member...check the Members list on the website!!

(6) is the last thing and saving the best for will NOT have to send your Statistics in to anyone...just fill out our sheets and it automatically updates so that our Webmaster will be able to post the Rankings to the Website. 

If you have any

Paul or or at 563-219-0283



  1. Golfers must golf a minimum of two-thirds of your meets on Varsity to be ranked at the end of the season.
  2. Golfers must be on the varsity roster to be ranked (Only six individual per team could qualify to be ranked).
  3. Coaches must fill in the Google Sheet (IAHSGCA Rankings Sheet) shared with them.
  4. The school or coach must be a member of the Iowa High School Golf Coaches Association for their Team or their Players to be Ranked during the Season or at the End of the Season.
  1. The standards for teams will be a calculated adjusted average of 195 for boys and 250 for girls. This is based on your low 4 individuals. (Whether you count more or fewer scores than this in your meets is immaterial. We will use 4 for our ratings). We also have had a hard time getting ten teams in some of the categories. So if your team score is close, get it turned in.
    {Example—your team plays a 9-hole dual meet at a course in which the course rating is a 33.2 on a par 36.
    Player 1 shoots a 35 Calculated score is 35 + 2.8 = 37.8
    Player 2 shoots a 38 Calculated score is 38 + 2.8 = 40.8
    Player 4 shoots a 41 Calculated score is 41 + 2.8 = 43.8
    Player 5 shoots a 41 Doesn’t count
    Player 3 shoots a 39 Calculated score is 39 + 2.8 = 41.8
    Calculated Team total is          164.2}
  2. All coaches are strongly encouraged to "play the ball down" (Don't use winter rules) in matches and tournaments. This may be hard early in the season, but get rid of the winter rules as soon possible if you must use them
  3. We will rank all individuals and all teams that make our standard score.  We will release the top ten to statewide major media. Variations to these may be made by newspapers.  Coaches are responsible to release rankings to your local media.  Hopefully coaches will use the rankings as an opportunity to recognize our great golfers across the state.